Queen of Mahishmathi By Anand Neelkanthan

Published By Westland Books

Book Description

Sivagami’s missteps have only deepened her determination to fulfil her father’s wish and stop the despicable activities at Gauriparvat. And so she battles on. Unknown to her, however, Maharaja Somadeva’s challengers have begun to close in on the king, and Sivagami finds herself suddenly at a disadvantage. With a player like Somadeva, though, the biggest mistake you can make is to not immediately checkmate and destroy. The game of chaturanga is not quite over.

As Sivagami takes on the kingdom’s enemies, guided by Somadeva, she finds in her own manoeuvres an echo of the man she has always detested. In her journey to becoming the queen of Mahishmathi, Sivagami must choose between love and ambition, principles and deviousness, selflessness and envy. What does she hold on to, what does she let go? A thrilling, breathless read, Queen of Mahishmathi is the third and final book in the Bāhubali: Before the Beginning series.

My Review

Queen of Mahishmathi is a story of love, ambition, power, revenge, and betrayal that keeps the reader captivated throughout.
For all the Bahubali fans, this book is a must-read and a complete page-turner. I have read so many books by Anand, and I’m completely a fan of his writing style, and his way of storytelling is so gripping that you don’t want to miss a word or sentence, and with each page you crave for more, to read more until you hit the last page.
I love how he portrayed the character of Sivagami, a strong-headed lady and the most powerful leader in the whole Bahubali series. This book shows her journey to becoming the queen of Mahishmathi, and how she overcomes all the difficulties. As each page unfolds you can find so many new surprises and the last scene, when she sat on her throne with two babies in her arms reminded me of the most iconic scene of the Bahubali movie.
Overall this book is a must-read and recommends to everyone.

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