The Emperor By Ram Joshi

This is an exceptional story that can be read by anyone irrespective of their age. I love the whole idea and setup based on Antarctica island, where Em, a little Penguin, is living a dream of going on the top of mountains. The author uses the example of a little Penguin to teach readers how to achieve their dreams.
 Sometimes we wait for other’s validation so that our friends and family might understand our dreams, but their talks are enough to demotivate us, and we step back and continue to live our monotonous life. The author beautifully explains how other’s opinions hold people back and keep them away from achieving their dreams.
Travel with Em on this exceptional journey of transformation to experience the adventure, see new possibilities, ignite your mind, and learn how to live the dream.

This book has a unique storyline, and an interesting concept that intrigues me to read further, and easy language makes this book an interesting and inspirational read.

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