Lotus Land By Bhuvan Patra

History always fascinates me, and that around Konark Sun Temple, which was built around in the 13th century on the coastline of Kalinga Sagar.

I have visited Odisha around 5 years back, and the Sun Temple is one of the outstanding examples of Indian architecture, science, and art.
This is the first book of the Konark Secret Duology and tells the story of Bishnu Maharana, the chief architect of the Konark Temple.
There is so much mystery and suspense that lies ahead for readers related to the temple and how he encountered several illusions, voices, and dreams while making it. How he became a master architect and why it is called lotus land.
The plot of the story is unique and
the author tries his best to create a fictional story around the temple and its making.

The book is divided into small chapters, so it is easy to track the story. The book starts from a good note but loses its pace in between. The end of the book is also good and leaves you to know more about this mysterious architecture.

Overall a nice read for history lovers.

Book is available on Amazon.

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