Letters of a bloodline By Jay Puranik

Book Review : Letters of a Bloodline book 0





.After a long time i read something different and worthwhile and even from an Indian debut author.
I admire his precision and his hard work because he thinks out of the box and his writing didn’t have any loose thread or loophole ,so if you are pirates of the Caribbean fan then you definitely gonna like this book.

This book nothing similar to movie but when you read this book only Jack Sparrow fece comes in your mind. Scenes, characters all things are described very beautifully that you imagine things around you. So guys download this book and give it a read. It’s worth it and deserves more praise.

Book is written in four parts,first two parts keep you on your toes because story is so gripping and interesting. After that it defines what are letters of a bloodline, who wrote them for their bloodline and what is reason behind it. You can check blurb here.

Blurb:What links the last Egyptian pharaoh in 360 BC to the nastiest pirates of the 1690s? The answer lies in a fiercely guarded secret chain of letters of your ancestors. And it’s been around for five hundred generations!

You have the oldest family tradition in the world – a secret practice your cavemen ancestors started in 13,000 BC. It’s time for you to discover the secret history of your ancestors; in their own words. These letters bind your bloodline with a bond thicker than blood.
Definitely Recommend
My Rating :⭐4.5

Letters of a Bloodline – Book 0: Thicker Than Blood: A Short Prequel to the Series https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07ZY7B1SX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_BpS4DbA4SQHKG

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