The Sinners By Sourabh Mukherjee

The Sinners is absolutely a fast-paced thriller with a shocking twist and turns that unfolds many secret of corporate world.

It depicts how people go down to grab any business opportunity and what are after effects of this illicit relationships.

Vikram Obrai found dead in his penthouse.

Did he commit suicide or was he murdered ?

Vikram is the head of a multinational company and married but he doesn’t care for his family anymore. His relationship with his secretary Aarti then sonal and with lot more girls, He is a hardcore womanizer but soon he start loosing all his project and one sex scandal just put his life turned upside down and now he has to find out who is behind all that?

Story is full of suspense and mystery,Plot is intresting and catchy too,some scenes reminds me James Bond movies specially seductive ones. Writing style is very clear and concise which can keep you hooked till the end.language used by author is also very basic.
Recommend to all mystery and thriller lover

My Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐


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