The Homecoming by Matryi

Book Review : The Homecoming By Maitry

Homecoming is a tale of everlasting friendship,dying relationships and finding the solace in between nature. Story set in beautiful and mesmerizing place Laddakh. Description of nature makes every scene more beautiful.

This book is a short read and easy to go through, I finished it in one sitting. I liked the book cover which also define simplicity .

Shikha along with her friend Maya goes to Laddakh on girls trip. Shikha is married and working as a senior IT manager but someway deep down inside her heart she is not happy with her life, so stayed there for more seven days to find peace and solace. These seven days turned her life which is interesting to know and end of the story just stunned me.
Story written in a manner like shikha tells her story to Maya her best friend.language used by author is simple and lucid.

Overall a light heart warming read.

My Rating :3.5⭐

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