Postscript By Cecelia Ahern

Postscript is a typical Cecelia Ahern book which tooks me on an emotional Journey and into a completely different zone where I can relate to characters and their emotions.

Postscript is a sequel of PS I love you if you haven’t read it then I recommend to read.But if you don’t want to read ‘PS I love you’ then you can read this book as standalone, it is not necessary to read first part but I bet after reading this you really want to read first book.

This book is truly mesmerizing each and every word makes you feel like crying or keep you bound with characters.Book filled with storms of emotions and a journey filled with love, lost, family and relationships.

This book is about our main protagonist Holly Kennedy’s life after her husband’s Gerry death due to cancer. Seven years are already passed but Holly’s life stacked with Gerry’s memories and his letters which she got after his death. Each letter brings back lots of memories and given her a new life which Gerry wanted that she should start her new life again.

One day Holly did a Podcast on ‘How To talk about Death ‘ for her sister Ciara but after this Podcast people start recognizing her she sent her request to help them to leave something Memorable for their loved ones As Garry did.

Some cancer suffering people formed a club PS I love you and request Holly to help them, buy Holly didn’t want to go back again to those painful memories ,so story is more about how Holly deal with them.

Is she said No or ready to help them?

This book is an amazing read, story is Written beautifully and narration makes it a more easy read. you feel like thinking about characters and their stories. The way of storytelling by Cecelia is commendable which transported the reader into the minds of Charcters and story.

I just loved it so i recommend this book to everyone .

My Rating :4.5⭐


The Worst Daughter Ever by Aarti V Raman

Book Review : Worst Daughter ever


This book has a fresh and intresting story which keeps you engaged till the end with engaging characters and simple writing.

The worst daughter ever is a story about family and their expectations.its a full on family drama with lots of hilarious and humorous dialogues through out.Language used by author is simple and lucid narration of the story is also perfect.

This is a story about Lasya Raghvan aka LJ a messy girl and a writer when her first book was published it stood up so many questions on her that her father stop talking to her and her cousin Ahlaya blames her for her broken marriage and she always thought that she is the worst daughter ever. There is more controversies belong to LJ ‘s grandmother will so it’s an easy breezy read and a complete entertainer.

Daughters of the brothel by Deepak Yadav

Daughters of the Brothel By Deepak Yadav

Stories from Delhi’s Red Light district

Sometimes it is very hard to be survived in this world if you are a girl this story just shake my soul and at some point of time I’ll be like I can’t read further. Story just makes you to think why these girls are here how they survive and are these girls are really happy?

This book is a mirror of our society,no one comes there by their choice, woman who enters these dark lanes was either deserted by their husband, sold off by their lovers or they had to come because of poverty.

Deepak done a marvelous job to show us a cruel side of this world and I really loved these girls who survived through all this.

This book is story of Kareena urf Pinki, Fathima, Roopal and Jhumpa who live in brothel no 56,story focusing on their before and after life and how they ended up in Brothel .i liked the scene when Deepak called Fathima and she told about kareena, my favorite part of this book is story of Jhumpa a 17 Year old girl who wants to become a singer but sold by his lover at the age of 12.
Language used by author is simple and some content you find obscene but it is harsh reality of this world so it completely understandable.
Must read
My Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐

मेरा तजूर्बा मेरा ख्याल अध्येता द्वारा

अच्छा-बुरा लगने का सबब होता है

कब कोई वाकया बेसबब होता है।

जान की फिक्र कहाँ टकरा जाने से!

बाली उम्र का प्यार भी अजब होता।

ताज़े ज़ख्म-सा बिछड़ते हुए जाना नहीं

इस ज़िगर में दर्द लेकिन अब होता है।

अब उससे गुनाह कबूल क्या कराएँ,

कोई नज़र झुका के खड़ा जब होता है।” .
Review :मेरा तजूर्बा मेरा ख्याल अध्येता द्वारा लिखी गयी गजलो का संग्रह है .हर गजल दिल को छू लेने वाली है और कुछ तो इतनी शानदार है कि आप को वाह वाह बोलने के लिए मजबूर कर देगी .ऐसा लगता है जैसे अध्येता ने अपना दिल खोलकर रख दिया हो .सभी बहुत ही खूबसुरती से लिखी गयी हैं शब्दों का प्रयोग भी बहुत सोचसमझ कर किया गया है और यह लेखक की गंभीरता को दर्शाता है .मुझे तो बहुत पसंद आयी आप लोग भी इस किताब को पढने का आनन्द ले सकते हैं .@bluerose_publishers

Ashoka Trilogy Book 3 Nemesis of Kalinga By Shreyas Bhave

Book Review : Nemesis of Kalinga
Ashoka Trilogy @authorshreyas


In History,maurya dynasty and Samrat Ashok reign is my favorite so I never leave a chance to read more about it.
Nemesis of Kalinga is a very insightful book in a descriptive manner.

Ashoka the Great, was an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty, who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent from c. 268 to 232 BCE. The grandson of the founder of the Maurya Dynasty, Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka promoted the spread of Buddhism across Asia but before that he is famous as Chandashoka because of his cruelness and ruthless behavior .After killing his brother Sushem he become emperor and start expanding his borders ,the only kingdom which left was Kalinga and what happens after brutal Kalinga war and after effects you have to read this book.

Writing style of author is good and narratives make it easier to understand the characters but history is so vast that we cannot describe all the characters in a one book itself so this is third part of Ashoka Trilogy. List of characters in starting helps you through out the story.
story is full of action and adventure but sometimes it becomes slow and looses his pace that’s the only thing I didn’t like about it.

Recommended to all history lovers.

Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐ .

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When The Haboob Sings by Nejoud Al Yagout

In my country, it is best to stay away from two topics: politics and religion. Unless, of course, you are showering politicians and religion with praise. To be fair, my first foray into unsafe writing was neither about politics nor religion, but about gender equality.

-From the book

There are some books which leaves a long lasting impression on you and this is one such is based on middle east and talks about rights and freedoms of women in Islamic countries.This book also focusing on mental health issues and depression.That’s why I choose to post my review today because of World Mental Health Day .

Story is about our main protagonist Dunya khair a writer, columnist and a fierce woman who raised her voice against gender equality and she got lot of threatening mails, calls or people calling her Infidel and end result is that she got prisoned. Story is talking about her journey in prison, after being out how she goes through all her husband and family pressure how she handles her depression and anxiety.story written beautifully and I thoroughly understand that perspective which author want to convey.
When I’m reading this book My mind always goes to Taslima Nasreen because she goes through similar situation like Dunya khair.

My Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Must read

The Little Light By Dipa Santani


You often heard people say that Lagna is not good for starting any new business or doing marriage or Rahu Ketu Dasha is not good,what else when they came alive and talking to you like humans and you start loving them.

This book is completely a unique subject with an intresting story weaved around cosmic world our nine planets Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, mercury and Venus.

A little light which have to reincarnate on earth as human but little light have lot of questions and want to clarify them why our life has to effected by the other planets.
Other than little light is also a part of sun and sun is the father of universe and also main source of power and energy.

As little light manifest into a human womb and his life journey starts of love, loss, pain and suffering .
This book easily explained the birth cycle,life and is written in such a simple language so anyone can understand these sun sign ,moon sign and their behaviour.

Story is transported me into a different universe altogether and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.i have to admit that author done a fabulous job,she presented most complicated subject in a simplest and humours form which makes it story intresting and captivating.

Book cover is also awesome and perfect for Story.

This book is like everyone can read.

Author interview : Dipa Sanatani

Book Title : The Little Light

There are very few authors which can surprise you by their first book.
@dipa.sanatani Is one such writer,when every second book is a love story, she dare to choose a completely different subject for her debut book Astronomy. So let’s know her better :

Author Bio:
Dipa Sanatani is the Merchant of Stories. She comes from a family of merchants and educators with roots in Singapore and the UK. In 2007, she left behind her roots to discover her wings. Since then, she’s lived, studied and worked in Australia, Israel, Japan and China, adding uncharted territories to a long list of previously ventured destinations. With a background in both business and education, Dipa has extensive experience in the public-school system as well as in the private, government and corporate sectors.
1.What inspired you to write this book?
The idea came to me when I was lying in bed alone in my apartment in Japan. I was contemplating the vast nature of the universe when I suddenly thought, “How nice it would be if I could invite the planets over for a discussion on life, love and the larger purpose for our existence.”
I promptly opened up my notebook and drew a sketch of what the mythological Nine Celestial Beings would look like if they were ‘updated’ for the modern era. The idea ruminated in my head for four years before I finally sat down to write the story.
2.Can you tell me about the book?
The Little Light is a story about a wise and curious soul that meets the planets before it’s born on earth.
3.What did you learn when writing the book?
I’ve self-published my book under my own publishing company Mith Books. This makes me both an author and an entrepreneur. To be an authorpreneur is to constantly develop and expand your skillset. When I started my own business, I knew I had to become a jack of all trades. It hasn’t been easy – but the journey’s been incredible. I’ve grown so much so quickly.
4.What surprised you the most?
I’d say that unlike other ‘products’ available in the market, a book is different – especially when we’re talking about fiction. We can do our best to hustle and get it out there into the hands of reviewers and readers, but we never know when the story will take off and find its way into the public imagination. It’s not a linear path.
5.What does the title mean?
The Little Light is every one of us in our most primal form. The incessant questions. The curiosity. The innocence. The wisdom. The fear. The apprehension. The courage. I wanted the concept to represent the pure and innocent soul before it is born in this world.
6.Why did you choose astrology as subject for book?
When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. Even today, I love visiting planetariums and observatories. It reminds me that the world is a vast and glorious place full of undiscovered mysteries.
7.Do you believe in astrology?
I think a lot of it depends on the knowledge and skill of the astrologer. There are many different schools of thought and calculation systems – Vedic, Western, Chinese, Mayan… so on and so forth. And even within Vedic astrology, there are a few different ways to calculate the birth chart.
That whole explanation to say… the interpretations of the birth chart can vary greatly depending on which system the astrologer follows… and their personal expertise.
8.Do you often visit any astrologer?
There is one person in particular who does readings that resonate with me. But I personally wouldn’t just visit anyone. If I don’t understand or agree with what the astrologer has told me, I tend to ignore what they’ve said. I think if it doesn’t make sense to you, you don’t have to follow their advice.

You Beneath your skin By Damyanti Vishwas

Good morning Bookworms

Book Review : You Beneath your skin @damyantig @simonandschusterin

Q:Have you ever feel unsafe in a crowded place?

This book is not just a story but it raises very serious issues like women’s safety and security and most importantly acid attacks on women. Book talks about mental health issues, autism and loneliness too.
In our country there are several cases we heard about acid attacks it clearly depicted cruel and sick mentality of men.But other hand it also stated the strong mindset of girls who just survived through it and live her life strongly with those scars.

This story is about Anjali a single mother of an autistic child Nikhil.she lives with her friend Maya in Delhi. Jatin is commisoner of Police and his family life is disturbed but Jatin and Anjali both are very good friends and love each other too.
Jatin working on a case where he found two daed bodies of women who burned by acid after rape.Maya,Pawan and Anjali helping him to investigate this case but
One dark foggy night in Delhi Anjali felt something liquid spilled on her by Nikhil and her face starts melting and her life turned just upside down.

there are lots of mystery and secrets are waiting for you through out the book and keep you on your toes. Story is engaging, captivating and a complete page turner.
Story is bit slow in start after that it is getting pace and there is no point of time i feel like story loosing his grip.narration part of the book is very strong which will keep you glued to book.
Characters are very well developed and feeling like real. Language used by author is simple and lucid.
I recommend this book to everyone who love reading crime thriller and mystery.

Rating 4.25⭐


The girl with blue eyes by Vaibhav Nigam

This book is starting with a murder of a girl By main protagonist of this story Armaan Sinha and i feel trapped in the story and then story starts in flashback.
Where Armaan is a happy go lucky college student and looking for love and soon he met Tanisha and fall in love at first sight. Tanisha is a simple, sweet and shy girl.
Armaan had an accident and his life turned upside down,so you have to read to know more about it.Book is a light read and has easy language.
You can sit in a one go because flow is good.
What I didn’t like the love making scenes which are repeatedly coming and very creepy and weird language to describe them.
Suspense I guessed after half of book so my interest start lacking in it.
As Book title and cover is intresting and catch my attention .
Overall a easy breezy read.

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